Our process, what it provides, and exactly why we do this... 

PROCESS - 5D Engagement Goals

This “Five D” methodology facilitates a true team approach to both final design and deployment, by closely integrating input from end user,  architect, and other trades during all phases of the project.  By assembling the team (Owner, Architect, ESI) at the onset of the project, each team member has the opportunity to interface closely, communicate, and work together toward a common goal during the entire process. Consequently, it becomes a simple matter to explore all of the viable options and the associated cost ramifications, with immediate feedback from the perspectives of Owner, Architect and ESI.

The net result is value engineered solutions, with the needs, desires and budgets  continually incorporated. At the same time, all of the associated costs are precisely pinpointed, and the scope of work refined.  With this program there should be no cost surprises after the design is completed.  When the design concept and accepted drawing package has been finalized, it has the implicit agreement from all team members that it is the optimal and most cost effective design solution. 

Electronics Design Group's 5D Approach

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Our Fee:

The reason our fee is INEXPENSIVE for what we deliver is simple: this is about 'Skin in the Game' with architects, mutually and honestly working towards a common goal. EDG wants to be awarded the project and Architects want to feel comfortable that they hired the right company. Why is EDG willing to lose money on consulting? This approach allows us to focus our BEST and most VALUABLE resources on clients that are serious about hiring EDG.  



Our Credentials:

EDG is award-winning and very well known in the industry. our credentials are unmatched by any other firm; and are clearly documented by the constant recognition we receive. Any firm can say they are great. Our industry peers, magazine journals, and our clients say EDG is great - that is the difference.


Our Commitment:

EDG's mission since 1987 has never waned, "honesty always comes first." We'd rather tell a client the real price, and lose the job, than under sell a client only to hit them with charges later. Frankly, this industry does that far too often. EDG fixed more than $250,000 of lousy, half-baked systems by other industry "professionals."