One of the most important systems that a residence can have is the AWS. AWS is the communications backbone for all devices in the home or business to a centralized distribution system. Today’s technology requires homes of any size to rely heavily on their ability to deliver wireless and wired communications.

Network, phone, cable TV, surveillance and WiFi all require some wired connection to make them operate. Jacks should be located where needed and easily accessible. Wireless devices are so abundant today that we cannot rely on the wireless router provided by the Internet provider to do the job. Devices need to be carefully located so that seamless connectivity is available anywhere on the property, including outdoor areas.

The cable TV set top box requires special planning because they rarely go under the TV as they once did. With the onset of the super thin TV, there is little room to hide the wires. Special ones like HDMI have limited distance capabilities. Current TVs now have applications that allow them to stream video and audio directly from the Internet.

Electronics Design Group will develop a complete AWS for the home or business. Electronics Design Group will work with your design team and use industry standard icons and best practices for managing the following information: Establish performance and technical criteria for various cabling configurations.
Set minimum requirements for telecommunications cabling within a residential or commercial environment.

Recommended topology and evaluate minimum distances.