The gaming experience brings user interaction to a new level. The gaming experience is typically a wireless controller, a couple of friends on line and a large screen TV. They spend hours working on their tactics trying to succeed in the given task. The PC Gamer is stuck sitting at his desk using his wired keyboard and mouse with a couple of monitors. The PC gamer will actually make a bigger investment in his equipment and the level at which they play. The serious PC gamer would not dare use a wireless controller or keyboard for the speed of those devices must be the best. This game room design provides a way to remove the PC gamer from his desk and allow them to sit in a great environment and be comfortable.

Electronics Design Group has developed a Game room environment with Maingear, a manufacturer of some of the top gaming PC's in the industry.

The game room design can be implemented in any size room. The smaller the better. There needs to be space for three or four chairs for all your friends and enough room for a large screen TV or projection screen.

A small projector can be placed in a convenient location to provide the largest possible image. An LED or LCD monitor allows for interactive gaming like Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect. If racing or flight simulators are their interest then special chairs and controls must be designed into the space in lieu of chairs.

The audio plays a very important role for the gamer. Games are developed with 7.1 soundto add to the experience. Some gamers prefer to use a high performance set of head phones to provide the best sound performance. Many games offer on line collaboration so a special set of head phones with microphone are used.

This design package takes all of that into account and provides for connectivity at the seat, a place to keep the high performance PC, room isolation so that the rest of the house does not need to participate in the gamer experience, comfortable seating to allow for those long game sessions.

Speakers will be strategically placed for best performance while still catering to the aesthetic characteristics of the space. Speakers can be placed in cabinetry behind grill cloth or in ceilings or walls and painted to match the room. Subwoofers can be placed in cabinetry as well.

Equipment will be located in the room to minimize on wire distances and ease of use. Heat management will be important so BTU calculations are provided as part of design.

The choices are yours to discover with our Game room design package.