The private theater package includes a large multi aspect ratio projection screen and a projector that is neatly located in the rear of the room. Depending on the design requirements the projector can be placed tight to the ceiling, semi recessed into the ceiling or hidden away behind a projection view port in another room. The speakers can be placed in many locations to provide the highest performance or completely hidden behind the screen to provide the best aesthetic performance.

The Private Theater is a room that allows for creativity to provide an escape from every day life. The space can take you back to the Bijou or off to a far off fantasy land. The private theaters goal is to allow our clients a chance to resolve to a space that provides a change. The theater is typically made up of a large multi aspect ratio projection screen, front projector with a brightness and quality determined by the size and placement of the screen, multi channel audio from a surround sound processor, amplifier and sources, DVD, Blu-ray and cable box.

Acoustical wall panels are typically included in this package to reduce the amount of sound that escapes into the rest of the home as well as improving the general theatrical experience of the room.

Theater seating is designed into the space to increase the quality of the experience and provide the maximum number of people for a space.

Room Isolation: Different construction methods are provided to increase the STC (Sound Transfer Coefficient) of the construction. The sound from the theater should stay in the theater. That is accomplished with construction methods, additional layers of Sheetrock and minimal amount of penetrations through the environment.