Today’s media room is the most desirable AV system for the home. EDG will provide the designs to have an excellent visual and audible experience. These designs can be incorporated into the common family room, master suite or formal living room. The speaker and screen arrangements are all the same, it’s just how they are implemented into the desired space.

Our media room designs can incorporate a projection screen or a large panel type TV. Small, unassuming projectors can be incorporated into soffits and millwork to provide the largest visual experience possible. Drop down screens can be carefully designed into the ceiling plan so the screen or TV does not become the focal point of the room.

Speakers can be strategically placed for best performance while still catering to the aesthetic characteristics of the space. Speakers can be placed in cabinetry behind grill cloth or in ceilings or walls and painted to match the room. Subwoofers can be placed in cabinetry as well.

Equipment can be neatly placed in a pull-out rack of equipment or in a remote location except the blu-ray player.

The choices are yours to discover with our media room design package.