The Man Cave or sports bar is a place in the home that friends will gather to enjoy a game of billiards, foosball or just lean back on the bar and watch a ball game. The sports enthusiast must have the ability to purchase almost every game on TV. There may be several games on at the same time. So what is a person to do? Our sports bar design allows for multiple separate viewing options simultaneously with one managed system.

Our sports bar package will allow our clients to view up to eight or more different sporting events at the same time. This is accomplished via a video matrix switch with an easy to use touch panel interface. Displays are placed in the room so that every seat in the space has easy access to more than one video display. The sound is managed through a matrix switch so the end user can decide which audio source they would like to listen to. Sometimes the satellite radio broadcast is better than the on screen broadcast, so the sat radio would also be incorporated into our design.

Large display vs. multiple displays:

There is nothing like a large display to best capture the visual experience of a live sporting event. Our design package incorporates a single large display and multiple smaller displays located in the space.