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"In a perfect world, technology would just disappear."


TRUFIG's revolutionary flush-mounting system seamlessly integrates disparate devices and technologies into the architecture, empowering architects and designers to create a harmonious family of nearly invisible design elements. More..


Sonance did something that no one in the audio industry had done before: move the loudspeakers off the floor, off the shelf, and into the wall. Suddenly the placement of speakers was limitless, with both the walls and ceiling of any room in the home now part of the blank canvas open to the architect and designer. More...


With SÉURA, you don’t have to choose between beauty and technology. You have the freedom to design around your unique style, without technology getting in the way. SÉURA’s vanishing LCD television mirrors, illuminated mirrors and waterproof televisions preserve the integrity of your decor, while providing unmatched performance. More...