Control System Integration for Residential Applications

EDG-LNL103-E - Control System Integration for Residential Applications

1.0 LU/HSW

Participants will analyze practical applications and benefits of control system integration in a residential application including Audio, Video, HVAC, Lighting, Drapery/Shades, Security, Weather, and Entry Doors. Through examining case studies, students will evaluate various scenarios and define areas in a project where control systems can improve the efficiency, enrich room aesthetics and decor, simplify complicated subsystems and enhance whole house functionality for the residential end-user.  Topics of discussion will include: whole house integration, HVAC integration, controlling subsystems within a single room, and enhancing security features.

Leaning Objectives

  • Overview of a Control System

  • Case Studies 

    • Climate Control (HVAC)
    • Media Room
    • Safety & Security
    • Total Home Integration