Intelligent Design for the Smart Home

EDG-LNL105-E - Intelligent Design for the Smart Home

 1 LU

Participants will understand the meaning, components, capabilities, and benefits of “smart home” technology, as well as its relevance to the design process and architectural community.  Class members will learn the importance of working with systems integrators, how to determine their qualifications, and to incorporate “smart home” technologies in their designs.  Through the examination of a case study, students will evaluate and define areas in a project where “smart home” technology can improve efficiency, enrich room aesthetics, enhance functionality, and meet client expectations.  

Learning Objectives

  • Industry overview 
  • Understand the meaning of a “smart home”
  • What makes a home smart? 
  • How does a “smart home” effect architects and their business?
  • Case Study: Hidden Home Theater